Destination Wedding in Buenos Aires

argentina destination weddingsWe’re jetting to South America for today’s ultra luxurious destination wedding! Amy and Luciano tied the knot in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a destination that held much meaning for the groom, and wasn’t too far from the couple’s residence at the time, Rio de Janeiro. I know, we’re jealous too! Luckily not only do we have photos from this timeless wedding to share but we also have their fantastic wedding video from I Do Films which will have you feeling like you were celebrating right there with them!

Luciano is from Buenos Aires so it was ideal location to hold the wedding. In fact, his parents married in the very church he and Amy did. The decor was kept simple and elegant as neither the church nor their reception venue were both so grand and exquisite on their own. Encountering a language barrier (Amy is a native English speaker, who was learning Portuguese, not Spanish, while living in Brazil!), “Luciano had to translate all of my ideas to the vendors.  He did an amazing job, but he is probably the only groom that new every tiny detail of the wedding… like what flowers were on what tables” One thing that needed no translation? How gorgeous Amy’s intricate Enzoani gown was! Swoon.buenos aires destination weddingsFrom Amy, “We chose Palacio Sans Souci because it is a family house of Luciano.   Sans Souci is now rented out for weddings and other functions, but it is also the house where his grandparents lived.  His grandmother was actually one of the first female architects in Argentina, and she loved to refurbish old homes.  When his grandparents bought Sans Souci in the mid/late 60s it was about to be demolished, and his grandmother brought it back to life.” Clean lines, gold accents and a white palette was all this venue needed to be transformed into a dream destination wedding reception.destination weddings in buenos airesIn true Argentinian tradition, “The wedding starts very late and goes ALL night.  Our ceremony was at 9pm and our party ended at 7am!  There is a section of Argentine Weddings called “Carnival Carioca.”  This happens around 3am, and is when the party really turns into a PARTY.  People put on wigs, glow rings, hats, masks…etc.  Basically really getting the fun of the party started.”  Their international guest list certainly didn’t hesitate to embrace this tradition! Luckily, the couple provided custom flip flops for them because who would want to leave a wedding like this before sunrise, anyway?
argentian destination weddings

Congratulations Amy and Luciano!

Destination Wedding Photographer: Patricia Figueira

Participating Wedding Vendors: Church: Catedral de San Isidro, Reception Venue: Palcio Sans Souci, Flowers: Victoria Etcheverry, Music & Lighting: Repila, Flip Flops: Rosa Pittanga, Costumes, Hats & Wigs: Ticoral, Catering: Galindez Catering, Videographer: I Do Films, Invitations & Save the Dates: Minted, Wedding Dress: Enzoani, purchased at Sabella Couture


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