Postcard Themed Destination Wedding Details

Be creative with your destination wedding and use every opportunity to educate your guests about their surroundings.  Save the dates are a must for your destination “I do” so why not send it in the form of a postcard of the destination where the wedding will be situated!?  This “save the date” postcard offers an engaging way to invite your guests, by charming them first; a great way to build up anticipation about your approaching vacation wedding!save the date postcards

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Another way to incorporate location-specific postcards is to simply collect them from the various sights situated around the selected destination, and use them as something for each guest to sign in with as they arrive on the wedding day.  A cute way to engage your guests while providing them more insight about the location and possible places to visit while in town.  Top this guestbook alternative off by using a vintage suitcase to collect all the postcards in as each guest “signs in”.  The setup will add to the décor of the overall event and serve as a fun reminder of the weekend when you get home.luggage guest books

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There are so many small additions that can be added to top off a wedding that share the locale and the couple’s love of travel with their friends and family.  Consider inspiration from local maps, stamps, the signature pattern of the resort, and of course local artisan crafts and goods – the possibilities are endless.  Go ahead and let your traveling mind wander!


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  1. Makes me wish I was having a destination wedding just so I can get extra creative with the save the dates, invites and other stationery.

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