French Lace Inspired Weddings

Oh La La, planning a wedding in France? What better way to honor this beautiful and influentially fashionable country than by incorporating French Lace into your designs?!

Spreading from fashion and accessories to décor and interior design, French lace has been a very prominent fabric used in the Parisian lifestyle (and wedding dresses worldwide). Solstiss (the makers of Princess Kate’s bridal lace) really knew what they were doing when they fabricated this textile. Stopping in a café for a croissant or a macaroon? You will most likely see a French lace tablecloth or maybe some beautifully designed curtains. This ornate, yet delicate fabric is the perfect trademark for such a beautiful culture – and your wedding day too! You can incorporate this lovely detail into your wedding in many ways – lace décor pieces add the perfect contrast to a black and white photo or a crystal chandelier. You could even match a lovely pair of intricate heels to add that perfect touch to your lace gown.

parisian lace{Eiffel Tower: Flickr, Shoes: The Chriselle Factor, Chandelier: We Heart It, Cake: Call Me Cupcake, Umbrella: Pretty Life, Dress: Temperly London, Dress Train: Pretty Little Wildfox}

Want to feel like a real Parisian? French lace could be your way. Wow your guests with creative use of the lace in non-expected places and add texture and layers not only to your look, but your ceremony and reception too!


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  1. If you can’t have your wedding in France; bring France too the wedding.  Fabulous pictures for a fabulous city.

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