Chocolate Desserts from Around the World

There’s less than one week until Valentine’s Day and that means we have chocolate on the brain! Since chocolate should by no means by relegated only to February 14th (The horror!) it got us thinking about how chocolate is used and consumed around the world, and how you can incorporate those local delectable desserts into your destination wedding!

chocolate-destination-weddingsPhoto Credit: Zachary Zavislak via Details

We may all know and love the chocolate Switzerland and Belgium made famous, but many other countries have their very own chocolate specialties too! A great idea for incorporating plain old (fabulous) chocolate into your destination wedding is ordering some locally produced chocolate bars and turning them into your save the dates. Nobody’s going to turn that invitation down! You can also have your menus printed directly on chocolate… no need for a dessert course there! But if you desire chocolate in another of its many forms take a cue from some of these beauties. Spice up your evening wedding with Mexican hot chocolate or allow guests at your intimate reception to enjoy dipping local fruits in fondue (a cheese tradition originating in Switzerland then turned chocolate when brought to the US!). Use chocolate as just a dusting on individual tiramisu (Thanks Italy!), serve a chocolaty Swiss Roll which, despite it’s name, is actually a traditional German dessert, or make a statement with a unique chocolate pavlova, a meringue dessert developed down under!

chocolate-desserts-around-the-worldPhoto Credits: Chocolate Bar Wedding Invitations by Uncle Pear via Behance, Chocolate Fondue Photo by Nancy Neil via Once Wed, Mexican Hot Chocolate via Gabby’s Gluten-Free, Chocolate Menus by Delysia Chocolatier via Jolie Jolie Design Blog, Chocolate Pavlova via Martha Stewart, Chocolate Swiss Roll via Martha Stewart, Tiramisu via Gourmet Traveller

If you don’t want the chocolate fest to end at dessert (and why should it!?) think about incorporating chocolate into your favors too. Brazilian chocolate truffles called brigadeiros are a perfect option for your South American affair, jars of Italian Nutella are a sure crowd pleaser, and chocolate dipped fortune cookies can even be customized with special phrases hiding inside. Of course, we can’t forget France in this chocolate tour of the world. How about a chocolate croissant for guests of your romantic Parisian getaway to enjoy “the morning after” or perhaps a chocolate macaroon? Or… both? And last but  not least, you may be hosting a destination wedding stateside and America certainly knows it’s chocolate too! Brownies go without saying, packaged in cute little bags for a midnight snack or if your nuptials have taken you to Hawaii, pick up some chocolate covered macadamia nuts to hand out. Oh, we could go on…

chocolate-desserts-for-destination-weddingsPhoto Credits: Nutella Favors via Ruffled, Brigadeiros by My Sweet Brigadeiro via Serious Eats, Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies via The Cheese Thief, Chocolate Croissants via Dishing the Divine, Brownies via My Baking Addiction, Chocolate Macarons via A Little Bite of Everything, Chocolate Macadamia Nut Truffles by Peace. Love. Truffles.

With a little looking around your chosen wedding destination, you’re sure to find a local chocolaty delight to please everyone, and then some!