Exotic and Adventurous Hawaii Destination Wedding

jessica-hill-photography-hawaii-destination-weddingI’m not to sure where to begin with this exotic destination wedding weekend in Hawaii. Perhaps the zip line, the camping, the waterfalls, the local food? Oh yes, it has it all. Mei Mei and Lou left no stone unturned when they planned a destination wedding getaway for their closest family and friends on the big island of Hawaii. They selected Ohana Living Farms, a sustainable farm with a goal of reducing Hawaii’s independence on imported good and their carbon footprint. Now if that doesn’t set the stage for a wedding like no other, I don’t know what would and Jessica Hill Photography captured every last detail! Let’s start at the very beginning a welcome luau packed with local food, loads of fun and lots of cocktails.exotic-hawaii-destination-wedding-luauAfter guests were welcomed to this land of paradise, Hawaiin style, they recieved their very own knapsack filled with everything they’d need to live on this magnificent organic farm and for the many upcoming events. Included: camp showers, sunglasses, water bottles, maps and headlamps. Not your typical coffee and pretzels welcome bag, huh?hawaii-destination-wedding-welcome-bagThe farm sits on a 500 acre ranch and guests had the chance to explore each and every part (and more!). Camping tents were pitched, avocado and mango trees were planted in a group orchard activity and ziplines were ridden giving everyone a whole other perspective of this Hawaiin island.hawaii-camping-ziplineOf course, there was a wedding too! When it came time to hop off the zip line and walk down the aisle, Mei Mei and Lou chose an utmost intimate setting, wedding at nightfall amongst all that nature has to offer.┬áSpeaking of nature, we’re loving those exotic blooms in Mei Mei’s hair… talk about taking advantage of your surroundings!hawaii-destination-wedding-ceremonyThey hosted a fittingly eco-friendly reception under the farm’s hoop house, a greenhouse turned innovative tent for the evening! Recycled newspapers holding potted flowers ran down the center of each table as guests dined on an expansive display of, you guest it, organic and locally produced dishes.exotic-hawaii-wedding-receptionThe next day guests were treated to yet another lovely meal at the farewell brunch. But for such an action packed wedding, that wouldn’t be enough would it!? Nope! Post-brunch the group took a hike for one last look at paradise and a dip under the waterfalls. Quite possibly as exotic as you can find stateside, we’re still a little jealous we weren’t a part of this multi-day wedding adventure!destination-wedding-day-after-brunch

Destination Wedding Photographer: Jessica Hill Photography

Submitted via Two Bright Lights