Exotic Wedding Appetizers

So, maybe all your life you dreamed of having a beautiful, luxurious destination wedding, saying “I do” on the beaches of Mexico, or the Mediterranean, or in a zen garden in Asia, but now that you’ve gotten the ring, your dream seems a bit out of reach. Well, here is just the thing to do at your nuptials to make up for the not-so-destination location! Why not incorporate the local foods that you would have enjoyed in the country of choice as appetizers for you and your guests during cocktail hour? This way you’ll feel like you have brought a bit of that destination home. There are tons of great and different exotic apps out there to choose from even if you were just craving something cool to eat! If you wanted to be in Mexico, serve stuffed jalapenos, guacamole, and quesadillas. Asia? Try some pot stickers, sushi, and spring rolls. United Kingdom? Scotch Eggs are a swanky British version of deviled eggs, and have colcannon, a potato, cabbage, ham and butter dish. Or maybe you have a Cuban themed reception, you could never go wrong with tostones, these absolutely delicious fried green plantains. Whatever part of the world you wanted to be in to exchange vows, you can bring them home to you, served on a silver platter!


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