Refreshing Destination Wedding Cocktails

I don’t know about you, but sometimes my favorite part of the wedding is the cocktail hour/just getting a drink.. So many couples have great ideas when it comes to creating a specialty wedding cocktail, while others just stick to the basics. Today we’ve come up with some neat ideas to reflect your destination wedding into the drinks you serve!

If you’ve chosen a tropical land for your destination nuptials, then try out the different and exotic fruits that are found in the area. Also, when thinking of the type of alcohol to use (unless you decide on a dry reception, of course) rum is usually a great type to pair with say pineapple, coconut, and mango juices. Married in Mexico? I’m sure you know the answer to this one: Tequila! Margaritas, lime juice concoctions, or just straight shots of this liquor would be an appropriate nod to the Latin country. Ceremonies and receptions in Europe call for wine, champagne, and sangria! Or if you are in the UK, Irish whiskey is a great liquor of choice to be paired with cream: Irish coffee anyone? Finding local bottles of these while anywhere in Europe would really make your wedding seem culturally authentic and you and your guests will be as happy as Bacchus (the Roman God of wine!)

If you’re staying in the states, but taking your crew down South then whiskey would be your best choice! I won’t leave out vodka here, because you can also use that with more common fruits/juices to the South like oranges, peaches, and strawberries. To reflect your location even more, use mason jars as cups and you’ll have chic little Southern drinks. You see, there are many great ways to tribute your wedding destination into your ceremony or reception, and presenting that through drinks can make for a truly fun (and maybe crazy?!) night!


{Photos: Pink sugar rim, Brides of North Texas; Striped straws, Martha Stewart; Blood orange mojito, Once Wed; Beer and burgers, The Knot; Herb and berry spritzer, The Sweet Occasion; Vanilla pear vodka cocktail, Preston Bailey Bride; Watermelon cocktail,; White strawberry-lemon sangria, Kitchen Treaty; Pineapple-cranberry-pear vodka,; Kaluah eggnog and Jameson whiskey, Creative Culinary; Champagne apricato, Brides}