Vatican Weddings

Roma!  I have a special place in my heart for Rome, having studied there for a semester in college.  And at the center of that eternal city, sits the smallest country in the world, the Vatican.  It’s only 110 acres big, but as you can see from this magical photo, the impact is far greater than its size.  If you’re planning a destination wedding in Rome, chances are you’ll incorporate some of the local beauty.  Don’t overlook the Vatican!

vatican weddings

{Photos: Vatican: Giampaolo Macorig, One Shoulder Dress: Kristin Vining Photography via SMP, Cuffs: Ship Shape Blog, Gold Jacket: SMP, Lace Veil: Wedding Bee}

Long mantilla veils, formal navy blue bridesmaid dresses, and perhaps a few flecks of gold in your wardrobe to blend with Bernini’s Bees.  Even a little amore in French is welcome in the eternal city of love!

St Peters wedding

{Photos: Couple: Rochelle Cheever, Je t’adore: Pinterest, Cake: Sweet + Saucy Shop, Blue + Gold Cookies: Pinterest}

You could also take inspiration from the Swiss Guard, those who protect the Pope in their brightly colored red, blue, and gold uniforms!  Formal, traditional, romantic, or city chic – look around you in Rome to see what can inspire your destination wedding decor!

weddings at st peters rome

{Photos: Guards: UV Carmel, St. Peter’s:  Giampaolo Macorig, Gold Table + Red Table: Pinterest, Blue Table: Weddings Unveiled, Program: Project Wedding, Ceremony: Rochelle Cheever}