Destination Wedding Ring Pillows

city themed ring pillows

{Pillows by West Egg Studio}

Are you asking a little gent to be your ring bearer on the big day?  Whether he might be your nephew, son, family friend or even four-legged friend, there are lots of creative ways you can tie your rings up to get down the aisle.  Destination weddings making theming this element a breeze!  Consider a pillow branded with your destination location.  Or what about a small boat, travel book, or custom embroidered pillow reflecting your selected spot?  Whether you simply theme your ring pillow to your color palette or brand it to your destination, get creative and take a look at these cute ideas.

Tip: Depending on who and where those rings will be going down an aisle, you may consider a set of fake rings on the pillow itself (give the real thing to the best man).  Better to be safe than sorry if you’re walking in an area above water or if a small child or pet will be in control of your rings.

ring pillow alternatives

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