Guest Ideas – Scented Towels

Destination weddings are great opportunities to surprise your guests with little welcoming details to make their experience extraordinary.  Enter the scented hand towel.  When guests walk up to the ceremony, dig through their swanky swag bag (aka welcome bag), give them something sweet-smelling and refreshing to towel off with.  Scented Towels are the newest and easiest way to get a quick clean up while you are running around!  Alcohol-free, biodegradable and lemon oil infused, Scented Towels come in many succulent scents like lemon, lavender, peach-mango and unscented for those of you who prefer the plain Jane.   And each is designed in a packet color coordinating with it’s flavor, so you can match your sets right now to your wedding flowers.

{Rolled Towels: Mi Belle Photography via Occasions, Packaged Towels: Scented Towel, Logo: Scented Towel, Group Eating: Echard Wheeler Photography, Ceremony Table: Robert Evans Photography, Wedding Party: Chandeliers at Beach House 27}

How convenient would it be to have a Scented Towel tucked away in your clutch after stuffing cake in your hubby’s face? Easy access packaging, along with the ability to be heated or cooled creates a very user-friendly product that guests will love. Having your wedding on the beach on a hot day? Distribute them to your guests for a great way to cool off. Partying hard on the dance floor? Scented Towels is a quick and easy way to clean off and ensure that your guests have a comfortable experience.  It’s the little things that leave a lasting impression!


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