4 Things to Consider When Wedding Location Shopping

bermuda beach wedding

Photo: Robert Evans

It’s that time of year – newly engaged means new location searches!  Are you looking across the globe for potential ideas for your destination wedding?  Well if so, then don’t forget these four helpful tips before you book your destination wedding location.

1. Who do you want to attend?  If you’re considering a hard-to-get-to, distant location, can your closest loved ones attend?  Keep in mind the travel (and budget) limitations of your most beloved guests before you book!

2. What time of year do you want to wed? Remember, some parts of the world are enjoying summer during our winter, while other ideal times of the year here may mean hurricane season elsewhere.  Keep in mind the weather patterns of the parts of the world you’re considering before you say I do to a date.  Shoulder seasons can offer the best deals, though the weather can be hit or miss, whereas peak seasons will provide the best weather but at the biggest expense.

3. What does the location around you have to offer?  If you’re opting for an a la carte wedding (not at an all-inclusive property), then be sure the town or region has what you want there or be willing to fly it in, in order to get the wedding you want!  Do they have great florists, hair and makeup teams, and so on?  Do you speak the language and how easy will it be for you to get your dream wedding with what the surrounding area has to offer?  Or if it’s lacking, does your budget permit flying in your dream team to bring it all to life?

4. Don’t forget about the other events!  A destination wedding is also about experiencing the local culture and celebrating for extended periods of time with friends and family across multiple days.  Do you have access to areas for a welcome party, excursions you can host or recommend to your guests, what fun can be had before and after the big day too?

Happy hunting!