Appy Couple Destination Wedding Website Discount Giveaway

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Our generous friends over at Appy Couple are back today with another great gift for you!  A big savings on your wedding website and app purchase – perfect for your destination wedding!  Every wedding should utilize a wedding website to give guests additional information and a place to refer to when that invitation gets lost in a drawer or they simply want to learn more about the couple and their bridal party before the big day.  And what better way to share all that than through a wedding website that comes complete with a matching app at no additional cost.  And now, you can save – enter promo code BB25 at checkout and get a great deal on your destination (or hometown) wedding website with Appy Couple!

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Appy Couple has literally hundreds of beautiful designs to choose from so there really is something for everyone (and every wedding location).  And trust me, it’s actually easy to use too!  I’ve built one myself before and it takes no coding or tech knowledge whatsoever!  If you can fill out a form, you can create your own custom wedding website over at Appy Couple!

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Just don’t forget to enter promo code BB25 to save even more on your purchase and then get to planning!  Happy shopping!

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