Artistic Wedding Gifts

Sometimes when going to a wedding it is hard to think of something different or unique to bring as a gift for the happy couple. And when it is a destination wedding, it’s sometimes suggested to just give money. But, they have most likely put a ton of effort and emotion into the selection of their destination so wouldn’t it be so much cooler to skip the checkbook or the blender on the registry and find something that will forever remind them of their beautiful exotic ceremony?! Here are a few interesting and artsy gifts that I’m sure Mr. and Mrs. would love:

Let’s say their marriage takes place in the culture rich country of Mexico, and you want to give them something that reflects Mexico’s love for color. You could give a handsome hand crafted piece of pottery they could use as a planter or a serving dish. It’s something useful, beautiful, and memorable. Maybe you’ve been invited to a wedding in Italy (lucky you!). Well just so you know, Venice is well known for their spectacular hand blown glass, formed into many different types of things such as wine glasses, vases, and jewelry. It would be a lovely gift to the newlyweds that will always revive the elegance of Italy. Nuptials in Japan or China would be a great time to give a charming little tea set, perfect for the couple to use on a relaxing Sunday morning together, or to serve to guests at a party. Or maybe you knew the bride and groom decided to go to Colombia for their honeymoon. There just so happens to be a wonderful Colombian born, American artist who hand carves and paints Terra Cotta clay tiles in the image of Colombian streets. They are such fascinating, one-of-a-kind pieces of wall art with intricate detailing around “doors” or “signs” that could easily remind the couple of the stunning sites they took in on their honeymoon.

You see, wedding gifts don’t have to be hard to find. Giving unique, artsy gifts that is a great was to spark memories of the couple’s amazing day, and they will forever thank you for it!


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