Awesome Wedding Ceremony Send-Offs

Traditionally, rice has been used to send off the newlyweds after the wedding ceremony. Well, we’re here to offer you some new, fresh alternatives! There are great ways to keep this tradition alive without the rice! If you are opting to have a tropical wedding at the beach, sparklers are a great way to end the ceremony. They come out absolutely adorable in photographs, and your guests are sure to have fun with them! You can be an eco-frienly bride and use flower petals, beans, lavender, or biodegradable confetti. Flower petals and lavender will be a great addition for a wedding set in a garden, barnyard, or any other natural setting. Pom poms are great too! These are all great alternatives because unlike rice, or seeds, these won’t get in you or your guests hair! You won’t have to spend hours picking the rice or seeds out of your hair or clothing, which will make your wedding reception much more enjoyable! If you’re going to use regular confetti, don’t forget to have someone clean it up after the toss!

Some other great alternatives would be throwing fake snow or fall leaves, depending on the season or the location of your wedding! Leaves would go great with an outdoor wedding in the fall; and fake snow would work well  if you’re having your wedding ceremony in the winter, or up in the mountains! We hope you use one of these unique wedding ceremony send- offs for your special day!

what to toss at a wedding ceremony

Confetti: Levi Stolove Photography via Michelle Edgemont; Lavender: Simply Bloom Photography; Pom-Poms: Wayne Yuan Photography via SMP; Flower Petals: Piteira Photography via SMP; Sparklers: Endearing Studios; Black-Eyed Peas: Studio 56 


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