Bridal Beauty: Getting Your Smile Picture-Perfect Ready


Gearing up your bridal beauty routine before the big day? As your wedding day approaches it’s time to buff those nails, maybe even buff those arms too, update your hair-do, and perfect that picture-perfect white smile. Enter Philips Zoom, who’s here to help you down the aisle with a smile full of confidence and whiter teeth!

So what it it? Philips Zoom is the #1 patient-requested professional whitening brand in the U.S.  It’s a collection of whitening treatments for different lifestyles and the one that’s right for you, you’ll want to add to your to-do list! Since there’s more ways than one to whiten your blushing bride smile, which is ideal for you?


Want a one time treatment? Ask a dentist about Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, this is a process that can whiten your teeth up to eight shades in just 45 minutes, and it’s clinically proven to make an impact in the single treatment.

Or opt for Philips Zoom QuickPro, a two-layer technology to whiten teeth up to four shades in just five minutes if you’re on the go and already getting a teeth cleaning. All you have to do is brush your teeth or wipe off the whitening varnish after 30 minutes and volia!


And since the treatments are so widely requested, it’s easy to find a dentist in almost every area to assist. Just use their find a dentist tool and you’re one step closer to whiter teeth!

Or, if the idea of sitting in a dentist’s chair didn’t quite make the top of your wedding planning checklist, have no fear, there’s an at home kit for that! Philips Zoom Take Home Kits come in a variety of options, from kits you wear while you sleep to those you wear twice during the day for just 30 minutes each.


Then they even have touch up pens too. When the big day is done (or even before the big day for added results), take the Philips Zoom Whitening Pen on the road with you – even on your honeymoon! These are great for touch-ups to ensure your smile stays bright white between treatments. With just two applications per day, you’ll see results on light stains in only 15 days.

If you’re planning your big day beauty prep, don’t forget to plan for a bigger, brighter smile with a little help from Phillips Zoom.


All Photos by Robert Evans Studios.

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