Unique Send Offs

Having a traditional rice throwing for your send off or recessional (the walk after your “I do” kiss) at a destination wedding location can be a bit tricky. Many venues won’t allow rice to be thrown because not only is it messy but it may endanger natural wild life as well. But do not fret! Here are 5 great ideas for a unique and destination wedding proof send off.

Sparklers: One of the most popular ideas is to have your guests light your path up with sparklers. Definitely very picturesque and a fantastical way to end the night on location.

Confetti: Another great send off idea is using confetti. Perhaps purchase confetti in the color scheme of your wedding or simply a matching color like gold or silver – they even make biodegradable confetti for those outdoor venues.

Balloons:  Balloons are a great idea for family friendly send off (no fire, or small objects involved) everyone can release a balloon from your 3 year old niece to grandpa.

Wedding Wands: Wedding wands are the most easy and functional out of all 5 ideas. They’re easy to purchase and mess free yet still a lovely way to be sent off and guests get a keepsake at the end too!

Lanterns: Ever since Disney’s Tangled showed Rapunzel releasing lanterns with her Prince Charming women everywhere have been gushing over this idea. And why not? It’s a sweet, romantic, and sure to be fun!  Make a wish!

wedding send off ideas

{Sparklers & Wedding Wands: Wedding Wire, Confetti &  Lanterns Right: Southern Weddings, Balloon: Texas Wedding, Lanterns Left: Mindy and Phil Photography}