Photo Sharing Solution to Capture it All on the Wedding Day


Today we’re taking a look at a hot new way to share you wedding photos – and we mean your wedding photos – as in the ones you and your loved ones actually take!  Capstory is the latest and greatest service that allows you to capture your guests’ images not just on your wedding day, but at all wedding related events!  As reviewed by People Magazine, you can document everything from your shower to your post-wedding brunch and everything in between!  We love it for destination weddings to see not only the ceremony and reception photos, but excursions out on island or beach time your family might be enjoying that you’ll never otherwise experience with them.  But better yet, for those who can’t travel to the big day destination, Capstory allows people back home to view all the user photos in real time via a virtual slideshow!

It’s super simple to use – the guest simply takes a photo and texts it in to be captured by the program, then Capstory does some professional editing magic and you’ve got a live photostream of the entire event from all angles!

To add another element of fun at the event, you can even stream the live video for all to enjoy and then, after the big day is done, you’ll also get keepsake photo books to preserve those memories for a lifetime!

Capstory makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the wedding festivities, whether they were there to witness them or not!  And we love that it gives the newlyweds a peek into a lot of fun they didn’t even know took place at the wedding!

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