Bridal Bar Radio Expands with After the Show Interviews

wedding talk radio

Our sister site over at Bridal Bar hosts a weekly talk radio show called Bridal Bar Radio airing on demand on iHeartRadio (if you haven’t tuned in yet, be sure to check it out!).  There are tons of episodes talking about destination weddings, planning a honeymoon and chatting with experts on all things wedding and travel related.  And now that content has grown!  If you want more, bigger, and better idea from our founder, Harmony Walton and her mega stars and expert guests on the show, you can subscribe here for after the show interviews, downloads of tip sheets from every guest, and get access to expanded content and more planning advice!  Each week a new guest is on, a new tip sheet is provided, and even more ways to help you down the aisle are launched!  Be sure to check it out, listen in, and sign up for wedding planning on the go and a great new radio show and podcast designed just for you!

harmony walton radio show

All Photos by Robert Evans Studios