Cascarones for Destination Weddings

With Easter this Sunday, we couldn’t help but think about how perfect cascarones would be (long after the Easter Bunny is gone) for destination weddings! What are cascarones you may ask? There confetti filled eggs, traditionally used in Mexican Carnaval celebrations prior to Lent. Recently the confetti egg tradition has been adopted and adapted by many other countries for Easter and other celebratory events, including weddings! The point? Smash a cascarone on someone’s head or toss one in the air for a shower of confetti! And who can turn down a shower of confetti on their wedding day!?

cascarones-confetti-eggs-mexican-traditionPhoto Credits (Clockwise from top): Jokey Yokey, Oh Happy DayJokey Yokey, Muy Bueno Cookbook

This would be such a fun alternative to tossing rice or birdseed or blowing bubbles for any of you planning a destination wedding in Mexico. You can customize the colors to your wedding palette, or go for the glamour and elegance of the metallic variety. You can pass them out at the end of the ceremony, or reception, for quite the grand and colorful farewell!

cascarones-confetti-eggs-weddingsPhoto Credits (Clockwise from top): Scout & Catalouge, Griottes, Braedon Flynn via Camille Styles, Katie Stoops Photography via Wedding Chicks