“Just Married” Wedding Send-off Ideas

At the end of your big day the two of you will be riding off into the sunset as a newly and happily married couple. And, if you are taking your wedding to exotic or foreign destinations, a fun idea would be to find a “Just Married” getaway vehicle that would be both unique and a sort of representative of the country you chose to wed in!

If you’re in Italy, zip off on a Vespa (so cool!) If you’re in Asia, say farewell to you guests on the back of an adorned elephant! A London wedding? What other than a Double-Decker bus, to make your exit? Or maybe you’re ceremony takes place in Africa, where a safari jeep and tour would be way to good to pass up! These are a few great ways to say “Au Revoir” after your beautiful wedding day is done, so take a look and see what fits you best. Ciao!


{Photos: Carriage + Canoe + Vespa: Eternally Engaged, Taxi + Jeep safari + Boat: Martha Stewart & Brides via Ritzy Bee, Double-Decker bus: White Flash, Elephant: Flickr, Bicycle: Nuffnang}