Unique Destination Wedding Guest Books

Are you looking for a unique wedding guest book to accompany your destination wedding? These adorable weddings pictured below matched their guest book to the location or theme of their wedding, or to a common interest! If you’re having a beach wedding, why not grab a surfboard and have your guests sign it? If you’re having a lakeside wedding, you can use paddles! Maps and globes are also cute alternatives to the traditional wedding guestbook. You can have your guests circle on the map or globe where they are coming from! You and your future spouse can also choose your favorite LP records and have your guest sign those! Any of these guest books would be great reminders of the wedding to hang up on the walls of your home.  What will you be using for your guest book?

destination wedding guest books


{Photos: Paddle: Alea Lovely Photography; Surfboard: Toby Hoogs Photography; Globe: Orange Turtle Photography;  Map: Josh Gruetzmacher Photography; Couple Holding LP records: Pinterest; LP record: Sarah E. Evans Photography}