Summer Weddings in Winter Locations

maya myers photography

{Photo: Maya Myers Photography}

Have you been dying to have a wedding in a winter location but just can’t handle the below-zero temperatures? Well why not go during the Summer? This is when the snow has melted, the grass is green and the temp much more bearable and the sights are just as breathtaking! If you decide this is for you, then we have four fun activities you and your family and guests can do while you away in the mountains:

Since the snow is all gone, there is a perfectly good slope that’s not being used! How about taking a hike with your honey or your bridal party to get a workout in while taking in the sights. Or you could use other forms of transportation like a bicycle or a horse! Horseback riding would be a relaxing tour of the nature that surrounds you as well as a fun way to pass the time before the big day.

Most winter destinations that warm up in the summer are near bodies of water, so wouldn’t it be lovely to spend some time sitting on the dock of a lake or even going out on a boat to fish? Some couples like to go fishing to catch dinner for the welcome BBQ (just a thought!)

On the day before the wedding, take a trail ride through the woods and have a picnic-style rehearsal dinner! This allows you to see and spend time with your family before you’re busy mingling with your guests the day after. You can’t refuse special time with your loved ones!

Finally, why not set up some photo-shoot time with your photographer after the ceremony while on a gondola ride. You can get intimate shots as newlyweds and include the beauty of your surroundings at the same time!

summer mountain weddings

{Photos- Bride + Groom in woods: Maya Myers Photography, Bride + Groom on dock: Wedding Planning Plus, couple hike: Whistler Blackcomb, picnic rehearsal dinner: Traditional Home via Kiss the Bride, Horseback riding: Marriott, Bride + Groom mountains: Ouray Colorado}