Tips to Getting Married in Italy

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We’re back with more information from destination wedding planner and Italy I do expert, Diana Sorensen of Sugokuii Events.  Don’t forget to read part one here for more great tips and planning insights.  It takes a little more than a plane ticket to wed abroad, but these tips will help you plan with ease.

Q: If planning an Italian destination wedding, what should a couple keep in mind as they set the date?

August is the month when most Italians are on vacation – therefore most seaside resorts like Capri – are at their busiest. This also means that most large towns like Rome, Milano and similar – have many restaurants and local shops closed during this period.  

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Q:  How do you recommend travelers, guests and the couple get around town and the country?

To travel around Italy – my opinion is to take the train. I think the train service in Italy in general is rather good and easy to navigate. In addition, there has come a new competitor to the scene, the Italo high speed trains – which is owned by the CEO of Ferrari, owner of TOD’S shoes – it offers dinners from Eataly, cinema etc.  You can arrive in Napoli from Rome in 1 hour flat. 

In Capri, the hands down best way to get around is with a Vespa or one of the famous open air taxi’s.

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Q: What is your favorite part about hosting a destination wedding in Italy?

Taking the traditions of the area where the wedding is taking place – and showcasing them in new and creative ways throughout the wedding in ways not yet seen before. 

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 Q: Where does your love of Capri come from?  It seems to go deeper than just the beauty of the island.

My connection to Capri comes from having an Italian mother and having partially grown up in Rome, New York & Copenhagen – but spent most of my childhood summers in Capri. I have always had a real affection for Capri, I really love it and am extremely protective about it – and am eager to show my clients and their guests new sides to Capri when they attend our Capri weddings – even if they have been here many times before. I always knew, even from a young age – that I would somehow always be attached to Capri and come back here the rest of my life which turned out to be true!  

Thanks so much Diana for sharing your insights and ideas for couples getting married in Italy!  To see more of Diana’s work, check out this stunning Capri destination wedding we shared with you last year.

Photo Credits: Empty White Reception Tables: Foto Flash Capri, Guest Filled Reception Table: Simply Bloom Photography, Couple: Annie Ciotola


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