Umbrella Wedding Decor

Umbrellas no longer have to be just protection from the elements (though that helps too).  If you’re hosting a destination wedding in a far off land where parasols are common accessories or perhaps you want to keep your guests out of the sun or drizzle but you don’t love the look of a tent – then consider a covering of strung umbrellas.  If you do opt for tent covering, you can even dress up it up with the fashion accessories, fill a pool with the pretties, or use them as anchors to hang other decorative accents in your reception.   Vintage or modern, Asian inspired or otherwise, the colorful look can make a big impact without taking away from the view!

umbrella wedding decor

{Photo: Top Left: EE Photography via SMP, Right: Silver Star Kitchen, Second Row: Alchemy Fine Events, Third Row Left: House of Origin, Third Row Right: Wedding Day Pin, Forth Row & Dancing Photo & Bottom Row Right: Gabriel Ryan via GWS, Bottom Row Left: Flickr}


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