Unique Destination Wedding Guest Books

coffee table wedding guest books{Photos: Top Left: Martha Stewart Weddings, Top Middle: Beautiful Day Photography, Top Right: Wish Special Events Blog, Bottom Left: Beautiful Day Photography, Bottom Right: The Vegas Wedding Planner Blog}

To continue our topic of destination wedding guest books, I thought we would share a few more ideas, beyond the postcard guest book.  Themed ideas really are endless when it comes to matching your location with your wedding guest book, but here are a few of my favorites.  Pictured above, I love the concept of a check-in staff member, almost like you’re on a cruise (and you might be).  Someone there to assist all parties signing in the guest book so no one goes forgotten.  And what should that book look like?  Perhaps an actually photography coffee table book about the city, island, or locale you’ve landed on.  Guests can sign in and all around the pages of the book, much like a yearbook (yet they’ll be learning about the location too).  And this of course makes for a great art piece back in the living room at home!

But if a book isn’t really your style, what about a map?  Or a framed photo mounted in a map of your location that guests can sign right on?  And for any getaway, balloons always make for a festive entrance sign that doubles as a guestbook.  Whether you get each friend and family member’s fingerprint to act as a balloon or they simply sign on the artwork, it gives a sweet sense of celebration and flight.

map wedding guest books{Photos: Balloons: Wedzu, Map Frame: Martha Stewart Weddings, Large Map: Pinterest}

If you’re hosting a winter wedding perhaps somewhere where guests will be skiing, I love the idea of sourcing an old pair of skis and asking guests to sign one.  Perfect decor for that log cabin you intend to buy one day.

ski wedding guest books{Photos: Vintage Winter}

For a beach wedding, what could be more fitting than shells?  Rocks and stones, surfboards, or even a beach chair if you dare, all make fun and festive guest book alternatives for that destination wedding in the sand.

beach weddings guest book{Photos: Shells: Destination Weddings & Honeymoons Mag, Rocks: Etsy, Wooden Surfboard: Stephanie Hogue Photography via Style Me Pretty, Bottom Surfboard: Mi Belle Photography}

If you’re off to wine country for your destination wedding, then pop a few extra corks to take with you for guests to sign!  Or get a magnum or 3L of your favorite wine for all to autograph (and drink it at your next anniversary party).  Thinking bigger?  Then a barrel can be your new guest book if you so desire!  So many fun ideas, why not take a little extra time and start your cocktail hour off with something guests will talk about and will transform your home when you return.

wine theme wedding guest book{Photos: Top Left Bottle: Joshua Bobrove Photography, Top Corks: RockPaperScissors Events, Bottom Corks w/Sign: WeddingBee, Barrel: Meg Perotti via GreyLikesWeddings}


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    • You can order bulk shells online and they come prepacked for shipping (or have them drop shipped to your location pending hotel fees/policies and any customs/location requirements).  Repack them in the original packaging and ask the hotel for a little extra from their loading/shipping dept to give them extra protection.  Then travel with them or ship them home!

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