Dogs at Destination Weddings

Just because you’re planning a destination wedding doesn’t mean you should have to exclude your four-legged friends and family members if you want them by your side.  Of course, traveling out of the country makes that quite a bit more difficult, but not impossible.  So what to do when you want Fido and friends to go with you?  We’ve created a list of ten must-do’s before you make your decision!

dogs at destination weddings{Photos: Top Image: Tumblr, Second Row Left: Martha Stewart Weddings, Second Row Right: We Heart It, Bottom Image: 1313 Photography via Southern Weddings Mag}

1.  Keep in mind the pet’s temperament.  Can they handle a long car ride or flight (and will you need a pre-travel vet visit for a little help in that dept)?  And travel with an up to date vaccine record and all papers!

2.  Do you have someone on location to care for your dog before, during, and after the wedding?

3.  Does your hotel allow pet guests?  And if yes, be sure to let them know who you’re bringing.  Often times there will be a pet deposit required but also a pet room service menu and other fun treats.  When you inquire, also find out about sitter and walking services as well as other ways to make your pet’s stay more enjoyable while you’re out and about.

4.  Check with the country’s quarantine period.  If the time and process is lengthy, it’s best to leave your little loved one at home.

5.  Does the wedding venue allow pets on property?  Just like you would ask locally, make sure your property allows pets on site for the ceremony.

6.  Do you want an extra task on location?  Really think about everything that’s going on that weekend and whether bringing them along might be a bit too much to handle or not.

7.  Plan for photos!  Be sure to tell your photographer who your special guest is and get some great family photos after all that travel.

8.  Bring any medications you might need and find a local vet before you pack up, just in case of emergency.

9.  Dog food!  Can you travel with it?  Better be sure to check all requirements so they are well fed on arrival!

10.  Notify your florist of any extra bridal party flowers or accessories that might be needed (and don’t forget to pack the wardrobe if he or she plans on matching your maids and groomsmen).

While we don’t recommend taking your dogs long distances for short trips, if you’re destination wedding isn’t too far away, then it could be great fun for you and your whole family!   And of course the photos are pretty special too…

dog wedding signs{Photos: Top and Bottom Images: Beautiful Day Photography, Second Row Left: Robert Evans Studios, Second Row Right: Beautiful Day Photography, Third Row Left: The Knot, Third Row Right: Martha Stewart Weddings}