Stingray City, Grand Cayman Trash the Dress

Grand Cayman yahct chatersIt’s day two of our “day after” wedding shoot on Grand Cayman and today our darling bride and groom models get wet!  Cristin and Dave braved the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and swam with the stingrays, wedding dress and all!  They were such amazing and willing participants and the stingrays were hamming it up for the cameras too!  Trash the dress takes on a whole new meaning when wild animals are involved!  But these unusual creatures quickly became more like pets (they meet several thousand people a week so they are quite tame).  And don’t worry, no people or rays were harmed during our shoot!

To start, we dropped anchor on the Cayman Elusion out in the ocean off the coast of Grand Cayman.  Then our beautiful couple took the plunge, literally, right into the breathtakingly beautiful Caribbean waters.  The talented and thrill-seeking photographer, Laura Grier from Beautiful Day Photography captured it all sitting on a Sea-Doo in the choppy waters nearby.trash the dressOnce Dave and Cristin “trashed” their couture, we took a quick ride over to Stingray City, a sandbar in the Cayman Islands where stingrays and tourists alike congregate and mingle.  But brides and grooms?  Now this isn’t something we see everyday!  Both bride and groom were very, very brave for this shoot!stingray city trash the dressOur photographers jumped right in with the rays, some with underwater video equipment (videos to come later) and otherwise, their wedding cameras were just above water as they hoped not to get them wet!  Well, the rays got a little playful and a splash or two made it onto a lens, but otherwise all parties were a-okay by the end of the shoot!trash the dress cayman islandsThe rays are so accustomed to people, you can even feed them and give them a little kiss.  Though at times they looked like something from another planet, they acted like they were part of this new family.  Talk about a photo to hang up back at home!trash the dress stingray cityWhat do you think?  Would you dare something only thrill seekers do for your trash the dress session?  Just remember, we took every safety precaution; if you decide to get a bit adventurous with a trash the dress session, be sure to be safe first and foremost!cayman islands stingray cityAn enormous thank you to Danielle Cococcia of Crystal Blue Weddings for putting together an amazing dream team for a fantastic day out at sea!  And to everyone who made this shoot possible…if you’re headed to Grand Cayman, these talented folks are people you should certainly call on!

Cayman Islands Weddings: Crystal Blue Weddings

Yacht: Cayman Elusion by Cayman Luxury Charters

Photography:  Beautiful Day Photography

Wedding Dress: Kirstie Kelly Collection

Floral:  Celebrations

Just Married Sign: Laura Hooper Calligraphy

Hair:  Kelly Massias

Makeup: Cristin Alexander

Female Model:  Cristin Alexander

Male Model: Dave Connolly

Hair Pin: Maria Elena Headpieces


Crystal Blue Weddings, Beautiful Day Photography, and Laura Hooper Calligraphy are vetted and highly recommended advertisers of Jet Fete and/or The Bridal Bar.


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