5 Things to Know About Eloping

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If you’re considering hitting the road with your future hubby or wife, just the two of you (and maybe a select few others), before you do, keep in mind a few elopement issues that may arise!  Hopefully this will help you get down the aisle with ease, no matter how small that aisle is!

1. People will be hurt:  If you say I do without friends and family present, or only certain close loved ones, others will be hurt.  Manage their expectations and limit the pain by having conversations before you go and express you intensions.  The more in the loop and honored they feel, even if they aren’t invited, the better the blow will be.

2.  You still need a wedding photographer: I can’t tell you how many couples we talk to that wish they still had some of those traditional wedding elements – from a cake for two to a wedding photographer.  Book one in advance, capture those moments and have something to share friends when you return and photos to last you a lifetime.

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3.  If you need help, just ask: Lots of hotels want to court you for your elopement!  It may not be a big party but they are banking on the fact that you’ll come back year after year so lean on the weddings or catering department of your hotel, even the concierge, to help make it official and you might even find special elopement packages that are right for you (and save you $$ too).

4.  You still need a witness:  Depending on where you get married, the requirements will vary, but chances are you’ll need someone in addition to you and your fiance and your officiant.  You’ll probably need one other adult present to make it legal, so find out ahead of time and if you really don’t want anyone else there from your circles, then talk to your location about a staff member filling the role.

5.  You can still take a big honeymoon + throw a big party:  If you elope – just the two of you, chances are you’ll be spending a long weekend together enjoying the moment.  That shouldn’t stop you from taking that over-the-top, exotic honeymoon too if you so choose!  Make this a mini-moon and honeymoon a bit later.  Perhaps, after a big party back home if you intend to celebrate with a reception for those who didn’t attend the ceremony.

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Happy travels!