Unique Wedding Rentals: Rentivist


Every so often we like to share a cool new product, trendsetting service, or fun find for our destination wedding friends and couples and today we bring you Rentivist! They came on the scene not too long ago and we recently had the pleasure of seeing their products come to life firsthand. Needless to say, we were sold.

But what is it? Rentivist is a new concept – a website that connects couples with cool stuff they want to rent – from folks who have excess inventory or available unique and different products ready to ship to you! It’s essentially an online marketplace where oodles of event companies can display their wares and you select what you display on your big day. The rental companies pay to participate so you as the bride or groom never get charged (no transaction fees, markups, or commissions).

best-wedding-rentals rentivist-rentals

Can’t find what you want in the market you plan to wed? Check the online marketplace of Rentivist and you just might be surprised as some of the beauty you can get easily and quickly for your wedding or destination wedding.

sell-wedding-rentals rentivist

All of these pretty pics used products from the site, so you can style your soiree however you want to!

unqiue-wedding-rentals wedding-rental-company

For more inventory looks and ideas for your wedding, visit Rentivist.com.


All Photos Courtesy of Rentivist.