Vintage Inspired Wedding Accessories

When deciding to have a destination wedding, a bride must put into consideration the  elements like the blazing sun (especially if it’s summer and 100 degrees!), billowing winds on the beach (there goes your hair!),  chilly temperatures, and soft grass (those heels will sink right through). Here are a few ideas and suggestions on what you can do to prepare yourself for some of the natural obstacles that come along with a wedding abroad. If you are going somewhere super sunny and HOT, I’m sure you’ve already picked a dress that isn’t too heavy and allows your body to breathe; if not, then you might want to.. But, another great idea is sporting a gorgeous parasol to block the sun! This way you won’t feel like you’re about to melt and you bring back a very romantic and vintage flare. Not to mention, you’ll be protecting yourself from harmful UV rays!

As for that pesky wind blowing from over the ocean, you might want to chose a hairstyle that is restrained i.e. “the up-do”. Or if you would like to continue with that darling vintage theme, the headpieces that were popular in the early 1900’s through the 1950’s is coming back into bridal style. I find them so elegant and glamorous, and honestly anyone can pull them off with just a bit of confidence! If you’ve taken your I Do’s off somewhere cold, then you’re going to have to accommodate your attire, so maybe you can find a cute little jacket that won’t take away from your look and will keep you nice and toasty. Gloves are a lovely touch as well, even if you aren’t having a winter wedding, and they tie together your vintage look with the parasol and headpiece!


Finally,  if you’ve ever gone to a garden wedding, then you know your heels always just sink right through the grass and sometimes even get stuck! So a great way to avoid that is just wear flats. Maybe they’re not as dazzling when you think about them, but you can totally jazz them up with rhinestone’s or splurge on a high end brand that you otherwise might not buy! Whatever you decide to do for your wedding accessories, incorporating vintage inspired pieces can help you work with different kinds of natural elements, and you will Love the way you look! “I guarantee it!”

{Photos: Bridal jacket + Mesh bridal gloves, One Wed; gold Deco wrap headpiece, Weddings By Lilly; Pink dress and parasol, Kristin Booth via Love My Dress Blog; Bride and groom parasol, Janine Kaye via Polka Dot Bride; flats, BHLDN; vintage cape,; Cap veil, Etsy; Parasol, Bride Chic Blog; Feather and floral head piece, Wedding Chicks; Deco beaded bridal cap, Etsy}