Wedding Ceremony Swag with Style

If you love the look of fabric blowing in the wind like we do then consider swagging your wedding ceremony structure with just the right amount of color coordinated fabric to make a big impact right when your guests walk in.  Isn’t it romantic to say “I do” under a trellis of beautiful dupioni silk or sheer chiffon flickering with the ocean behind it during your beach wedding?  We certainly think so!  Be mindful not to over do it and block that beautiful view.  But just the right amount (a few panels) can help make your ceremony an unforgettable setting, in addition to the one you already selected!  Or, opt for a grand entrance to that ceremony and swag the doorway or entry point to wow guests once they walk in.  It’s amazing what a little fabulous fabric can do!

 wedding ceremony arches

{Photos: Ribbons Ceremony: Martha Stewart Weddings, Peach w/Green Trim: Lisa Lefkowitz via EAD, Couple w/Doors: Ellie Grover via 100 Layer Cake, Blue + Peach: Mirelle Carmichael via SMP,  Chandelier: She Designs, Yellow Beach Flags: Martha Stewart Weddings, Orange + Brown Structure: Pinterest