8 Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Honeymoon

After months of wedding planning, planning your honeymoon may seem daunting. But we promise, it doesn’t have to be! Your honeymoon is your chance to kick back, relax and spend some much-deserved time with your new spouse. It’s a time to splurge, try new things and create the most romantic experience you and your partner can imagine. It’s no wonder, then, that the honeymoon is the part of the wedding experience many engaged couples look forward to most. However, what many couples don’t anticipate is just how much work planning a honeymoon can be. You want to make your trip perfect, but you also have to consider things like your budget and differing expectations. All of this may seem stressful, but we’re here to help. Have no fear, honeymoon planning tips are here!


Luckily, planning your honeymoon doesn’t have to be stressful. When you plan smart, you avoid conflict down the line. Here are eight essential things you should keep in mind when planning the best trip of your lives.

1. What’s in Your Budget?

Establishing a budget before you start planning the specifics of your honeymoon helps ensure the choices you make for your trip are both affordable and enjoyable. Financial experts advise that, though the amount you spend on your honeymoon will be specific to you, you shouldn’t spend so much that you go into debt.

Before you start planning, sit down with your partner and discuss your budget. If you don’t have enough money saved to fund your dream honeymoon right now, that’s okay. Consider postponing the honeymoon within a year of the wedding date. This gives you time to save money. Plus, it will make the honeymoon feel like an even bigger treat later.

2. What Locations Appeal to You?

Honeymoon destinations vary widely. Whether you’re interested in exploring ancient city streets in Rome or relaxing on the beach in Hawaii, honeymoon locations provide couples with the ability to experience things that are important to them.

Though it’s possible for newlyweds to have a good time pretty much anywhere, you should still choose your destination wisely. Some places may seem great on paper, but in actuality lack some of the qualities you and your partner value.

Consider what types of locations will appeal to you most. Do you want to be secluded in nature or will you miss the creature comforts of a top-notch resort? Would you prefer to be nearby or travel overseas? Your answers will help determine what locations are best for you.

3. When Should You Go?

The timing of your honeymoon will be determined by several factors. First, consider your wedding. Does it matter to you to go soon after you get hitched? If so, try to schedule your honeymoon a few days after the ceremony.

Next, consider the season. Some locations get crowded during school holidays, which can quash romantic ambiance. Additionally, your budget may require you to travel at less-busy times to get the best deals. Find a practical balance between the weather you prefer at your destination and the realities of traveling.

4. How Long Should You Go?

The length of your honeymoon will vary based on your preferences and budget. A longer honeymoon gives you more time to spend in each other’s company. If you want to enjoy the best of the best, a shorter trip might be more realistic.

5. How Will You Get There?

Different couples travel in different ways. Some may be content to drive across the country to their destination, enjoying the journey and each other’s company. Others will want to get there as quickly as possible and opt to fly instead.

If you choose to fly to your destination, make sure to plan for leaving your home, pets, plants and car behind. Airports and off-site lots offer parking for travelers that’s often safer than leaving your car unattended at home.

6. What Will You Need to Bring?

Determining what you’ll need to bring on your honeymoon can help relieve the stress of packing right after your wedding. Well before the big day, write a list of everything you’ll need. Over the weeks that follow, review the list and add anything new that comes to mind.

Certain destinations will require different gear — sunscreen for beach vacations, hiking gear for outdoor adventures or warm layers for cooler weather destinations. If possible, it’s also a good idea to bring the things you’ll need to be comfortable, such as medication in case of unexpected illness.

7. How Busy Do You Want to Be?

Different couples prefer various levels of activity on their honeymoons. Some like to relax and improvise, while others want to be doing something interesting every second, which requires planning. When forming your itinerary, work together to make sure you’re providing a good balance for each of your preferences.

8. What Does Your Dream Honeymoon Look Like?

The most important thing for you to consider when planning your honeymoon is what will make you and your partner happy. You shouldn’t feel pressured to go outside your comfort zone if you would prefer to stay nearby, and likewise, you shouldn’t allow others to ruin your excitement for your big adventure.

By planning wisely and following your desires as a couple, you’ll enjoy a stress-free, happy honeymoon. In the end, all your planning will be well worth it.

Photo: The Cove Eleuthera.