One&Only Palmilla, Los Cabos, Mexico

Palmilla wedding chapelA born and raised Southern Californian, I’ve spent my share of time in Los Cabos, Mexico (and Cabo San Lucas).  It’s a quick two hour flight to fun in the sun – a wonderful place for a destination wedding where your west coast guests don’t have to go too far out of their way.  And once you land, there’s plenty of culture, amazing food, hospitality, and activities to make you never want to leave.  I have some amazing memories of Cabo, but last month, with a small group of wedding professionals as guests of the property, I visited the One&Only Palmilla.  Now I’ve officially topped any childhood or adult experiences I’ve had in Cabo before.  These photos are from our trip – some of the incredible decor (and hospitality) the resort showed us.cabo wedding floristThe One&Only Palmilla is like an oasis in the dessert, perched on the rocks of the Sea of Cortez, but this is no mirage (though the service is truly unreal).  It’s so special I found it difficult to grasp until experiencing the real thing.  As I sat on the plane ride home, I wondered how I could possibly explain to friends and family how special this place is?!?  They just wouldn’t get it; they will compare it to a luxury resort experience they’ve enjoyed, but it’s just not the same, I would try to convince them!  I could talk about how wonderful the people of Mexico are, how fun margaritas on the beach with Mariachi’s are, and how decadent it is to have guacamole with every – single – meal…but those are not the little nuances that makes this place the Mecca for celebrities and romance travelers alike. weddings at PalmillaSo yes, you can marvel at fireworks on the beach for your wedding (and we enjoyed those as well), you can arrive at the on-property wedding chapel by an antique horse-drawn carriage (the resort keeps two white horses on staff), and you can enjoy a private plunge pool on the balcony of your beachfront suite for your honeymoon while you take time out away from your guests, but it’s what you didn’t know you had to have that, to me, makes the One&Only Palmilla one of the most spectacular properties in the world.cabo wedding fireworksSo what didn’t I know I had to have?

1.  Gustavo: A 24-hour a day private butler who smiled from ear to ear as he took pride in golf-carting us from pool to pool, locating missing sunglasses when lost, and tending to our every need.  The only problem?  The Palmilla makes it so there are no guest needs unmet which meant we almost had to invent reasons to visit with Gustavo each day!  (And yes, pictured below, this is a tequila tasting!!)cabo wedding ideas2.  Poolside Amenities:  Now these I knew I loved, but you can’t help but giggle like little kids on vacation from all the poolside service at the Palmilla.  Would you like an iPad?  Check.  Can I give your sunglasses a bath and spa treatment?  Yes, please.  Would you care for a fan and an oxygen treatment while you rest on your lounge chair?  Sold!  How about a refreshing bonbon brought to you in the pool?  Only if I must.  The list is too long for a blog post.  Decadent doesn’t even begin to describe what a day by the water is like there.  So. Much. Fun.One and Only Palmilla pool3.  A Custom Sewing Kit:  Yes, many luxury resorts are delighted to unpack and even press your clothes for you.  Not an indulgence I typically partake in (I’m not that fancy).  But at One&Only Palmilla, once you’ve unpacked (or they have unpacked for you) and you’ve gone off to dinner, the staff sneaks into your closet and takes note of your wardrobe to create a custom sewing kit to match all your clothing that you traveled with.  Now if only I could sew.  (I have a funny feeling Gustavo could!)Palmilla CaboToo many fabulous things to share in one post, so check in tomorrow for part two of my week at One&Only Palmilla.

All photos by Francisco Estrada except two room shots via O&O Palmilla.

Floral design by Elena Damy Floral and Event Design.