Bride to Be Cleanse for the New Year

bridal cleanse

New year, new you – right?!?!  It’s January and that means most of us are in full swing with our New Year’s resolutions to get fit, stay in shape, slim down, tone up or lose a few before fitting into that wedding dress.  If that’s you, then we’ve got a great way for you to kick start the process or perhaps push you across that finish line.  We recently discovered the Bikini Cleanse.  Can you say honeymoon!?!?  The Bikini Cleanse is a seven day program, that we’ve tried…and it works!  In fact, not only does it work, it’s not painful to do.  (This coming from someone who likes to eat and the thought of seven days sounds like torture.)  But the good news is, you get to eat!

The program comes in this fabulous packaging that actually makes a cleanse look like fun!  Once you’ve browsed through the goodies inside, you’ll find that you get a shake a day (with almond milk too), two yummy sweet tea-like drinks, a hot tea before bed and light meals throughout the day.  That’s a lot!  Surprisingly, you’ll find you aren’t hungry and it’s totally manageable without being miserable.  Plus the pretty pink packages make being on a cleanse seem like part of the wedding planning process!

bride to be cleanse

Their “passport” to bikini world also comes complete with cleaver motivational messages, shopping lists and meal plan ideas for you.  Once you’re a day or two into it, the plan begins to feel like old habit and is easy to stick to.  If you’re like us, you’ll see your skin start to clear up almost immediately and those pesky few pounds you’ve been trying to lose will be gone!  But my favorite part about the program was how it cut the carb and sugar cravings (especially during the holiday season) and once the cleanse was done, those new good habits stuck.  So while you could lose a dress size during this week, chances are you’ll keep losing or at least keep it off after the hard work is done.

new year cleanse

Now you don’t want to cleanse too close to the wedding day and risk your dress fitting incorrectly, but if you’re gearing up for your 2015 wedding and honeymoon then now is the time to try the Bikini Cleanse and see your 2015 2.0 bod before you know it!  We liked it enough to make it an annual tradition!  Happy cleansing!