Destination Wedding Dresses

It’s Friday and what better time to melt over a few fabulous fashions and destination wedding dresses?  Chances are if you just got engaged, you’re on the hunt for that perfect match in a gown.  So here are a few wedding dress trends that go great with a destination wedding.

destination wedding dress{Photos: Top Left: Ines Di Santo, Top Right: Jenny Packham, Middle Left: Monique Lhuillier, Middle Right: Christos, Bottom Left: Carolina Herrera, Bottom Right: Elizabeth Fillmore}

Trumpet Silhouette:  This shape allows you to move more than a mermaid gown but isn’t as big of a skirt as a ball gown.  The perfect combination for a destination wedding dress!

Tulle:  Tulle is lightweight and airy in case you’re in a hot climate.  It also blows beautifully in the wind when layered in large skirt or holds its shape when tightly dressed around your figure.

Lace:  Lace will always be a wedding dress favorite, but in this case it can also express the culture of the location you’ve opted to get married at.  Getting married in Spain?  Spanish lace to show off your flair!  French lace looks great at a more formal affair and a little hint of lace can dress up an otherwise more casual destination wedding look.

Cap Sleeves:  Windy beach weather, possible rain climate, or church appropriate is a beautifully soft and romantic cap sleeve.  Be respectful of your religious rules or simply cover up a bit from the elements and a cap sleeve leaves him wanting more (in a good way).

Low Back:  One way to get a sexy sophisticated wedding dress look is with a low back.  Just think, during your ceremony guests will likely be looking at your back so why not show it off!?  …If you’re event is appropriate for showing a little skin that is!

Happy shopping ladies!  And check back soon for our destination wedding dress galleries coming this spring!


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