Inspired by the Langham Hotel Wallpaper Pattern

langham london weddingsGrand buildings, historic architecture, even your hotel of choice can be great inspiration for your wedding day decor.  I especially love to pull in historical or cultural influences when the event is a destination wedding.  It’s just one more way your guests can get a true sense of location and appreciate your wedding details that much more.  Today I’m inspired by a pattern – a wallpaper pattern, in one of my favorite color combos – pink and gold.  But this wallpaper has a history to it far beyond its pretty palette.  The famed Langham Hotel in London opened its doors in 1865, and when it did, this lovely pattern was the original wallpaper in the hotel.  Nowadays couples can have quite the royal wedding at the Langham London, but regardless of which Langham you choose to wed in, why not infuse its history into your design inspiration?  You might be surprised at the options you’ll find!  From vintage coasters for wedding favors to china patterns during dinner, if your groom doesn’t mind a bit of pink, the options are endless!

weddings at the langham hotel{Photos: Pink & Gold Coasters: Etsy, Macaroons & Dessert Bar: Martha Stewart Weddings, Glitter Bottles: We Heart It, Tabletop: Pinterest, Favor: Joie La La}

Consider weaving the pattern into your destination wedding invitation and give your guests a real sneak peek at what’s in store for them.  And of course, any sugary confection can be designed with your motif in mind!  From welcome bags to thank you notes, dig a little deeper into your location and perhaps its history to find unexpected inspiration for your wedding day details!

pink and gold wedding flowers{Photos: Invitation & Cake: Martha Stewart Weddings, Place Setting: NY Post, Doorway: Tumblr, Flowers in Gold Box: Pinterest, Floral Tabletop: Karen Tran Floral Designs}


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