Glam Short Wedding Dresses

Who says just because your dress is short you can’t glam it up, throw on some bling, and dress to the nines?!?!  I say short and super dressed up is hot, hot, hot.  And speaking of hot, if your wedding destination is a bit too high in temp to go long but you want the look of a formal wedding, then find that perfectly full short skirt to strut down the aisle in.  Oh, and don’t forget the accessories!  A bib necklace or heavy statement piece can dress up any dress!  And when showing off your long legs, that means accessorize those too with a little shine to get that blushing bride look from head to toe!

sophisticated short wedding dresses{Photos: Necklace: Style Seeking Zurich, Top Right Dress: BHLDN, Bottom Left: Ruffled Blog, Center Shoes: A Glamorous Little Side Project, Bottom Right: J. Crew}