6 Destination Wedding Send-Off Ideas


Every couple wants their wedding to be perfect. It’s why you’ve spent hours looking at different decor options, tasting cake slices, and playing around with invitation designs. You daydream about walking down the aisle, but have you considered your destination wedding send-off?

Brides and grooms plan send-offs as a final way to celebrate their wedding. Everyone gathers around the exit and cheers you on as you leave with your spouse. A unique, creative touch can make the moment into an event. You may have seen brides running out under a shower of rose petals or birdseed, but you want something extra special.

Celebrate your big day with one of these six destination wedding send-off ideas. No matter where you want to say your vows, you can have a big exit that’s fun and different.

1. Sail Into the Sunset

Many couples choose to have their destination wedding somewhere with turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. Those are great places to find a breathtaking backdrop for your ceremony, but they also present a unique opportunity for a send-off.

After your guests have enjoyed the reception and danced the night away, you and your spouse can sail away together. Rent a small boat that will take you back to your hotel or away to a private cabana.

2. Fly Away With the Wind

An outdoor wedding location with rolling hills and a cool breeze provides the perfect setting to fly away after the ceremony. Find a local business that offers hot air balloon rides. If you’re worried about your budget, you can check for a special discount. The prices could also be lower if you’re getting married in a different country with a decent exchange rate.

3. Hop on a Motorcycle for a Destination Wedding Send-Off

You and your spouse may be adventurous at heart, so celebrate that on your wedding day. Find a motorcycle and ride away in the sidecar or hike your dress up to go in style. Get a bike with horsepower that makes your heart skip a beat or find one in a bright shade of red for a nice pop of color against your dress.

4. Light Sparklers

Once your guests line up to see you off, have them light heart-shaped sparklers and raise them in the air. You can run out under the sparks for a classic bridal photo op.

Some brides and grooms opt to light sparklers along the sidewalk or the path out to their getaway car. This may be more appealing if you’d rather not have sparklers over your hair and dress. Guests can wave them as you run by for an interesting tracing effect in pictures.

5. Rent a Vintage Car

Many destination weddings happen in historic cities with architecture that spans decades or even centuries. In places like Greece or Italy, you can have a grand send-off when you rent a vintage car. Ask someone to pull it up for your exit and ride away in your unique vehicle down streets teeming with history.

6. Hire a Carriage

Winter brides getting married in a romantic snowy destination can hire a horse-drawn carriage to whisk them away from their wedding. You’ll feel and look like you’re in a fairytale. Make sure you stay warm in something stylish, so you don’t look out of place while riding in a carriage with a heavy coat over your dress.

There are many ways to acknowledge your special day with a destination wedding send-off. Daydream about what you would prefer and which options are your favorites. You can narrow down the list by researching what’s available around your venue. With a little bit of time, you’ll figure out the perfect send-off for you and your future spouse.