Destination Wedding Decor: Choosing Perfect Pieces


Destination weddings capture the hearts of couples every year. It’s romantic to go somewhere new with breathtaking scenery and everyone you love. You may have a destination in mind and count down the days until your flight out of town, but there are many decisions you’ll need to make to plan the celebration of your dreams. You’ll find a few different ways to approach destination wedding planning compared to using a venue in town. One element you’ll have to consider is how to decorate the place, which is where things can get complicated. Make your wedding planning easy by reading about how to choose the perfect destination wedding decor. With the right tips, you’ll pull everything together and have plenty of time left to daydream about your big day.

Find Local Vendors

You may have a few vendors in mind or businesses your planner has worked with before. They might be near where you live, which makes it easy to drop by for cake tastings and sampling their products.

If your vendors aren’t already at the destination, however, you’ll have to pay hefty fees for shipping. It may be more expensive than you were planning, which is why often times, brides and grooms look for options near the venue. By skipping the national or international shipping costs, you’ll have more money to spend on festivities.

Pick Destination Wedding Decor that Will Ship

There may be a few things here and there you can’t find around your venue. When you have to ship your decor, go with supplies that will last. Your favorite florist could have a centerpiece arrangement you’re in love with, but will it wilt by the time it arrives?

Pick items such as faux flowers and greenery, instead of living arrangements, if possible. Don’t ship anything too fragile or items that could get lost in transportation, and keep your heirlooms back home.

Explore the Culture

Your wedding destination may be in another country, which presents a unique opportunity to explore the surrounding culture. Take a vacation to the city before your wedding and learn about local traditions you may want in your ceremony. If you’re planning to head to Mexico, for example, you could offer up tequila cocktails and dance to the tune of a mariachi band. On the island of Jamaica, however, you may choose to serve rum punch and jerk chicken.

You could also value your heritage and include some of your ancestors’ traditions in your festivities. It all depends on what fits your personality and your wedding vision.

Remember the Season

If you’ve set a date, you know what time of year you’ll get married. The season is something that influences much of a celebration’s decor. In the summer, for instance, you could easily enhance your wedding with sea glass or sparklers. Perhaps you’ll add seashells to your reception area or bright flowers to each table.

Even if it’s spring or fall, summer decor can perfectly complement the right destination, such as a tropical beach.

Keep It Simple

It’s easy to get caught up in the endless decor available online and in boutiques. If you feel like you’re overwhelmed by your options, keep it simple. You can let your venue shine when you opt for items like balloons¬†and greenery as your destination wedding decor. As long as your choices match your theme and the time of year, you’ll pick the right decorations to make your wedding beautiful.

Take Your Time When Planning Destination Wedding Decor

Take as much time as you can to plan your wedding. You can flip through pictures of what you like, browse decor in person, and see how everything looks when put together. Planning your destination wedding decor doesn’t have to stressful!

How will you decorate your destination wedding?