Destination Wedding Trends for a New Decade


You’ve thought long and hard about your wedding and your heart wants to travel to a destination venue. No matter where you want to go, there are endless venue options all over the world to explore. You’ll find yourself planning small details and making final decisions before you know it, but will your choices be modern or out of touch? Check out these 10 destination wedding trends for a new decade and make your upcoming nuptials the best day ever.

Find a Unique Venue

You can go to the beach anytime back home. A day on the road or a quick flight will take you to a sandy getaway, so why spend the majority of your budget and time on a destination that’s identical to one back home? Look for places you can’t experience anywhere else, like a wedding nestled in a leafy jungle. It’ll be worth your investment and prove to be different than any other travel experience you’ve had.

Save Social Media Photos

Wedding photographers are great, but they also add some hefty fees to your budget. Now, destination brides and grooms commonly skip this option and save the photos family and friends post on social media. This destination wedding trend will allow you to get more camera angles and pictures to choose from, without paying a dime.

Enjoy Pre-Wedding Celebrations

Everyone in your wedding will most likely arrive a day or two early to your destination venue. Make memories during that special time by enjoying fun pre-wedding celebrations. Go to a spa with your bridal party or find a local activity everyone will love, like snorkeling.

Book a Family-Friendly Resort

Your friends and family will appreciate staying in the same resort. You’ll have less travel hassle to worry about, especially for those attending with kids. Make a room block at a family-friendly place, so that everyone stays together, even if it isn’t the same location as your venue.

Mix Themed Drinks

Most destinations have a running theme that carries over into their local food and beverage industry. While you plan your reception, try travel-inspired cocktails using regionally popular recipes. If you’re in an icy wonderland, for instance, you can make a white Russian, a cold cocktail made with coffee liqueur.

Design Personalized Prints

No couple wants to get married in a place that doesn’t feel like it has their style. Make any room warmer and more welcoming when you and your future spouseĀ design personalized wedding prints for backdrops, photo booths, and table runners. This destination wedding trend is sure to add a splash of color and personality to any venue.

Scout on Vacation

It isn’t smart to choose a venue without seeing it in person, so use the opportunity to go on vacation and scout out locations you like. It’s the perfect combination of work and relaxation.

Hire Local Performers

You’ll find so much to experience in a new destination and many brides and grooms don’t see as much as they want before they have to go home. Bring the culture to you when you hire local performers. They can dance at your wedding or entertain in other ways, so that everyone sees something new.

Unplug for Your Destination Wedding

You’re investing your time and money into your wedding, so be present in every moment. Many brides now choose to unplug for their trip and leave social media behind. Turn off your cell’s notifications and opt to leave the charger at home. You’ll get plenty of pictures from everyone else and bask in the love surrounding you while you’re away from home.

Use Eco-Friendly Suppliers

Support the local economy beyond the tourism industry by using eco-friendly, local suppliers. For your big exit, toss birdseed that native species will enjoy. Stock your reception with local food and artistry. Research the area to see what’s available and give back to the place where your dreams will come true.

Consider what you want your wedding to look like and what kind of travel experience you desire. These destination wedding trends may just help you plan the ultimate ceremony you and your loved ones will never forget.