Chocolate Wedding Favors from Around the World

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching…it’s on pretty much everyone’s mind (don’t deny it!) and we’re all dreaming of heart felt cards, bouquets of roses, romantic candlelit dinners, and boxes of luscious chocolates. And, I’m sure many of us are trying to stay true to our New Year’s resolutions of eating less sweets (especially with a white dress on the horizon), but chocolate is actually good for your heart – Ha! No, I’m not just saying that because Valentine’s Day is obviously associated with hearts, but chocolate (especially dark chocolate) is a great source of flavanol antioxidants. With that said, for those who are having a Valentine’s wedding, why not give your guests a favor that will please their taste buds and their hearts?

Try searching for chocolates from different countries like Belgium, Switzerland, and many countries within Latin America and the Caribbean. These mentioned locations are well known for producing the best chocolates in the world. European chocolate has more of the milk chocolate types for those who enjoy that rich sweet taste, while in Latin America and the Caribbean you will notice more bittersweet dark chocolates, which also hold the most antioxidants!  Gifts that reflect where you will wed are that much sweeter so why not consider chocolate?!  Some cute ideas for using chocolate as favors include Venezuelan “hot chocolate on a stick”  chocolates, dark chocolate covered coffee beans, and a little goodie bag or box of assorted gourmet Belgian chocolates. These ideas would be perfect if you’re also having a destination wedding in one of these chocolate producing countries. However you choose to serve chocolate favors, your guests will love it and their hearts will too!


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