Holiday Weekend Destination Wedding


Photo: Beautiful Day Photography

With the holiday weekend rapidly approaching, it got me thinking: How many couples will take advantage of the extra day and jet off to get married? Maybe you’ve toyed with the idea of getting married sometime like Labor Day or Easter weekend. It’s probably to late to wed on this holiday weekend but we have many more to come in 2014 and I’ve dug up 5 tips to help you start planning your perfect holiday weekend destination wedding.

1. Be Sure to send out STDs well in advance. If you want your guests to be a part of your big day make sure to send those save the dates super early! Realize that everyone has their own traditions on holidays and you want to give them enough time to plan accordingly.

2. Make a weekend of it. Most of your guests had to travel to get to your wedding, so you definitely want to make it worth while! Plan a welcome dinner, a day to explore the city, or perhaps plan an activity that gets all your guests involved.

3. Be aware of costs. Sure you might save  a bit of money by getting married on a Sunday however remember that hotel costs, airfare, and even professional services (i.e. photographer) double during the holidays. This also ties in with number one. Make sure you’re giving your guests to proper amount of time to book their hotel, flights, etc. You don’t want them getting stuck with overpriced traveling costs because it was a last minute invitation.

4. Consider all your assets. Getting married on a holiday weekend definitely has its perks! For instance, if you’re getting married for a 4th of July weekend, find a location that is near a firework show, voila you got yourself a free show! If you’re getting married Mardi Gras weekend, perhaps you can find a parade that will travel by your location, and say hello to some free entertainment!

5. Plan for traffic. One of the biggest things about getting married during a holiday weekend is all the traffic you will get stuck with. If you’re getting married on a Friday, plan your events later in the evening to leave wiggle room for traffic your guests will run encounter. If you’re wedding is on a Sunday or Monday, plan your events early enough in the day to give your guests time to travel home.

Hopefully these tips get you off to a great start! As always let us know how you’re wedding planning adventures are going – we love to hear all of our readers wonderful ideas!