Little Mermaid Inspired Wedding

Trust us, it’s okay to be a total Disney addict! I love The Little Mermaid and love the idea of weaving an adorable movie into your destination wedding. I mean c’mon you have to admit that at some point in your life you’ve belted out Part of Your World! Now you might not want to start combing your hair with a fork but you can definitely incorporate seashells, a romantic boat ride, and a scalloped wedding cake into your destination wedding for a little Disney magic. Here is some inspiration on how to do a grown up version of a Little Mermaid wedding!

Little Mermaid Ideas

Scallop Cake: Lil Hoot, Starfish Hair Piece: Hochzeifs Guide, Boat: Rew Elliot Style, Starfish Cookies: Kara’s Party Ideas, Seashell Cupcakes: Sweetopia