New Orleans To-Do’s for Destination Weddings

With Super Bowl Sunday in the Big Easy coming up this weekend, I found it only appropriate to feature a few great things about New Orleans, and the amazing activities to do there while hosting a destination wedding! Being a native Southern Belle myself, New Orleans is one of my favorite places to visit and I definitely appreciate the unique culture they pride themselves on. If you have decided to have a destination wedding in New Orleans, then there are a few fun experiences you MUST do and great places you HAVE to visit!

If you like doughnuts and coffee, then Cafe Du Monde is the best place to go for authentic French beignets! Ask anyone you know (unless they’ve never been to NOLA) about Cafe Du Monde and they’ll swear by it. It’s a great little outdoor cafe for a midnight snack or morning pastry (just watch out for the pigeons…) Next, try dinning in the French Quarter, where you are bound to find a five star restaurant on almost every corner. My favorite places are The Stanley (next to Stella!), Felix’s Oyster Bar, The Court of Two Sisters, and Royal House Oyster Bar. The Stanley is an incredible restaurant to go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (try their eggs Benedict if you go in the AM!) and Felix’s Oyster Bar has the best oysters, hands down. During the day or night depending on your courage, take a trolley to the St. Louis Cemetery for a spooky yet historical tour. Another thing to do day or night is a cruise on the famed Natchez riverboat. The Mississippi river may be a big muddy mess, but you’d be surprised how romantic and entertaining a cruise can be on the Ol’ Man River! And while you’re still in the Big Easy, you have to check out the heart of the French Quarter: Jackson Square. This historical city center is home to a monument in honor of President Andrew Jackson, and also the second oldest cathedral in the United States, St. Louis Cathedral. It is also home to several local artists and musicians, who are there on a daily basis, rain or shine. You can easily find a beautiful souvenir to take back home to hang on the wall, and it will always remind you of your fabulous destination wedding in New Orleans!


{Photos: Cafe Du Monde, Rachelle B; Cajun Cafe, Contiki; French Quarter Street, Flickr; St. Louis Cemetery, New Orleans Online; French Quarter Corner, Flickr; The Natchez Riverboat, Blaine Harrington Photography; Jackson Square, Flickr}