A Romantic Wedding Photo Shoot in Paris


Is there a city on earth more romantic than Paris for a destination wedding? Well, Abbie Mae Photography certainly didn’t think so! She had wanted to work in Paris every since she was a little girl. And today’s photos are the culmination of a lifelong dream! Abbie shared with us how this wedding photo shoot in Paris came to be.

I have always loved the Parisian culture and have wanted to indulge in it ever since I was little. I have visited France twice before this year and I had always dreamed of doing a shoot while I was there since I was always traveling with family.

wedding-photo-shoot-in-paris wedding-photo-shoot-in-paris-3

This past April, I had the amazing opportunity of traveling to Paris alone, so I took every opportunity I could do create an unreal styled shoot. I had local Dallas vendors and international vendors from Paris involved which created a gorgeous shoot on a gorgeous weekend evening in Paris. I had created a mood board with classic and pastel colors with the idea of Parisian culture behind it. I wanted to do everything I could to create a vision of Paris, from a tourist’s and local side of view.


We roamed the streets of Paris and got lost in the culture and the unbelievably gorgeous weather we were lucky to have on an April day.  It was very surreal.

wedding-photo-shoot-in-paris-6wedding-photo-shoot-in-paris-7 wedding-photo-shoot-in-paris-9wedding-photo-shoot-in-paris-8

The European elegance, which is all very natural and whimsical at the same time, was what I wanted these images to portray. I wanted to show the city of Love from a woman’s perspective and show how gorgeous she can look even just by herself.  I think that having a love for yourself is so important and these images really showed her natural beauty in the city she loves. She don’t need no man! This quote has always stuck with me and I think it’s a perfect description of the mood / them of this shoot. “Try to love yourself as much as much as you want someone else to!”

When you see the images, I think we did it pretty perfectly! My dream is to start shooting destination weddings and I felt that this would be the best way to start portraying that.

Photo Shoot Vendors: Photography: Abbie Mae Photography, Bridal Gown: Weekend Wedding Dress, Florists: Wild Blossom Flowers, Hair and Makeup: Anna Jazelle Bridal Beauty, Stationery: Paper Affairs