A Swiss Elopement

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Samantha and Dave selected Switzerland for their destination wedding – an elopement for two to be exact!  This darling couple took time to see the countryside and snap up lots of lovely photos (and video) together as part of their big day experience.

Samantha told us their story about how Switzerland came to be the spot on which they would wed.  “Dave and I went backpacking for 6 weeks around Europe only 3 months into our relationship. It was pretty much a make it or break it kinda trip. We obviously made it. We traveled to 11 different countries and out of all those places, Switzerland was our favorite (I think the pictures and video explain why!). So we decided to go back to one of the places we truly fell in love.”  So sweet!

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One of the benefits of eloping with just two?  “I do have to say that it really meant a lot to us to be able to help each other get ready. To be able to start off our marriage by helping the other.”

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A great idea when family and friends can’t be there!  “Each of Dave and I’s family members wrote us a note to read on the day of our wedding. Oh my goodness. It was perfect. These notes helped bring them with us. I never knew my mother could make me cry without even being there ;)”

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“The gloves were from my grandmother. The Wedding band was from my other grandmother. The cross was from my mother. The handkerchief was from Dave’s mother, the one she had when she was married. Each piece meant so much to me that I could have a part of them there with me.”

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Everything the bride wore had meaning!  “I knew that I wanted something that was light and vintage style. Light because we had to carry it onto the plane, and vintage style because I LOVE the vintage looking dresses. I looked online for hours trying to decide on which designers that I liked. Came across a designer based out of LA, Claire Pettibone. Her work is beautiful. Being a graphic designer myself, I appreciate the attention to detail. So I went to David’s Bridal in Reading and found a few of her dresses and picked the one from there. I was trying to talk myself out of it (bc of the price), but as soon as my mother saw it on me I believe the first words she said was, this is so you.”

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A ‘reception’ at a coffee shop was the perfect way to toast to one another after their “I do.”

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We often ask couples what their favorite memory from the wedding was.  For this couple?  It was all of it!  “I’d have to say that the favorite part of our wedding day was…the whole day! We loved every moment of it…getting ready together, walking to the train, finding a witness, our commitment, coffee shop, intimate dinner in a remote restaurant up in the Alps,  champagne on the house from our lovely server, our first dance outside the restaurant to no music, sitting on a bench wrapped up in each other to keep warm and counting all the shooting stars (we saw 5!) on our walk home, and lastly Skyping our family to tell them about our day.”

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To see more from their intimate trip together, check out their wedding video:

Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Destination Wedding Photographer + Videographer: Studio 213 Films