4 Reasons to Host a Holiday Weekend Wedding

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Entertaining the idea of getting married over a holiday weekend?  While there are some con’s to saying I do to holidays, if you’re hosting a destination wedding, we love the idea!  Keep in mind some guests may not love the idea of your wedding taking a front seat to their long weekend and travel costs for guests will likely be higher than normal, but here are a few fun reasons to host your destination wedding over a long weekend.

fireworks at weddings

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1.  Free fireworks!  You can pay upwards of $30k for your own private firework show but if you select a date that the city is showing them off anyway then look for venues that will allow you to have a firework show during your reception by way of the view!

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2.  Families make a vacation out of it!  People are less likely to jet home on that first flight out Sunday morning (meaning an earlier departure from the party Saturday night).  Knowing they have that extra day or two to recover, relax, and make a vacation out of your wedding weekend without having to take time off work and school makes it more fun for everyone!

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3.  It’s a great excuse to keep it intimate!  If you want to avoid inviting all your co-workers and too many fringe friends, letting them ‘off the hook’ on a holiday weekend and keeping it ‘close friends and family’ rolls off the tongue with a lot less hurt feelings than the typical big day, small guest count.

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4.  Festivals and local fun!  If you really want to explore your setting and plan outings for your group without breaking the bank, chances are you’ll find reasons to gather in town that don’t cost a thing.  Perhaps there is a fair, parade, or music festival going on.  Restaurants may have live entertainment or other holiday activities.  Lean on the locals for an enriched experience that you couldn’t have otherwise without a big price tag at the end.