Interview with Michelle Rago, Destination Wedding Planner – Part Two

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{Photos: Jose Villa}

We’re back with more great ideas and insights from our friend, destination wedding planning guru, Michelle Rago!  To see part one of our chat from yesterday, check it out here.

JF: When looking for a location, what should couples keep in mind to make the most out of their time during a destination wedding weekend?

MR: Couples should always be considering what will the guest experience be… How will they get around… are there options in price points for hotels and meals… Are there lots of fun places for casual hangs throughout the week? And remember… By the wedding ceremony and reception… People need to feel comfortable as they are finally in heels and suits! 

JF: Any creative ideas to get the guests really excited about the event ahead of time or en route?

MR: As you know I am a very visual person… So I like lots of visuals to support a story. Save the dates, wedding websites and of course the invite are your main source of creating excitement. Between all three they should paint the picture of what guests will experience. If you have the time and resources… Mailing a final “pre-arrival” package is also lots of fun for guests.

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{Photos: Abby Ross}

JF: Do guest gifts shift for a destination wedding?  What do you recommend couples give?

MR: I try and guide couples to choose gift bags and the contents that reflect the location and/or to enhance the experiences they will have during their stay.  For example, if we are having a road rally event in collectible cars…why not give driving gloves and scarves or if they are spending the day on a boat we put together a “yachting survival kit.”  In any case…the gifts should not be bulky to lug home and enhance each day!

JF: What about gifts the guests will be giving to the newlyweds?

MR: The trickiest part is that you can’t lug crazy oversized gifts to far flung places. And, conversely, how do they get all that stuff home?!  I encourage friends and family to have gifts shipped to couples from their registry verses involving them in the actual trip. As to whether those gifts reflect the actual location… I suppose it’s possible but I haven’t noticed a major trend.

Michelle thank you so much for joining us this week on Jet Fete!!  We can’t wait to see where in the world you land next! xo