Whimsical Inspiration for a Paris Destination Wedding

Paris brings to mind many splendid things: the Eiffel tower, delicious crepes and macarons, the Louvre. These just touch the surface of what Paris is all about. There’s nothing quite like walking down a street, and seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkling in the night from miles away. There’ s nothing like biting into a freshly made, nutella-filled crepe on a cold Parisian day with good friends. The history that you’re surrounded by; the architectural beauty that follows you everywhere you walk–that is the beauty of Paris. Wouldn’t it be the absolute perfect place to have your destination wedding?

The romance, the glamour, and timeless quality that Paris evokes can be captured in your Paris destination wedding with a couple of details we’re about to share with you! Make your Parisian celebration a whimsical and classy occasion by adding a touch of gold in your table setting, or maybe in your bridal heels. Wear your hair in an effortless bun or chignon, or wear it in loose, wavy curls–either are classic wedding hairstyles. Don’t forget to include your Parisian treats! Macarons are an absolute must. These little desserts will add the pop of color that is sure to delight your guests! Form them into the shape of a cake for a creative twist on the traditional wedding cake, or serve them as cute little favors for your guests!

Emulate Parisian glamour and sophistication in your destination wedding with these whimsical inspirations!

france destination weddings

Top left: Etsy, Top right: Ciara Richardson Photography via SMP; Second row left: Ever Whim Photographs ; Second row right: SMP; Third row: SMP ; Fourth row left: One Love Photo; Fourth row right: Wedding Chicks; Fifth row: Four Seasons Magazine