5 Winter Honeymoon Ideas

So, you’ve got everything planned for your wedding and now you’re stuck wondering where you and your other half are going to spend the first few days as a married couple together. When couples think of honeymoons, they usually think of tropical beaches and sun kissed afternoons. Of course, there are plenty of places in peak season this time of year; Australia’s summer is our winter, Mexico is beautiful in the winter months, places across the Caribbean sell out for the season, but today I thought it would be fun to show you some winter-esque ideas for your honeymoon.


Northern Lights. To start, consider heading north to see the remarkable Northern Lights – the Aurora Borealis. The Borealis can only be seen during the winter nights from November to March. Touch down in Iceland, Alaska even Norway and Denmark and have an uber romantic experience enjoying the natural show above.  You can book a tour to a territory where the view will be at it’s best or simply entertain the idea of a honeymoon in one of the many places around the world you can spot the lights during your trip.


Jackson Hole. If you love the outdoors, then consider a rustic winter honeymoon in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson Hole is a gorgeous vacation spot that has a national elk refuge, is a great ski destination complete with ski out lodges, and is the perfect place to go for a snowshoe or sleigh ride.


New York City. The big apple has everything you need in one city: great shopping, amazing Broadway shows, breathtaking views, and delicious food- really what more can you need from a honeymoon?  Let’s be honest time sometimes doesn’t allow for a long and extravagant hiatus, so NYC is the perfect honeymoon if you’re looking for a quickie trip.


Argentina. Argentina is a great city honeymoon with lots of attitude! It is rich in culture, history, and adventure. Our winter is their summer so it’ll be nice and warm, making it perfect to go outside the city and visit the countryside. The countryside is definitely peaceful for some much needed R&R and is known for some of the best tasting wine.


Hawaii. Of course our list just wouldn’t be complete without including Hawaii. During the winter months between November and May you can go out into the oceans and whale watch. This island has gorgeous weather all year long and is full of entertainment from luaus to snorkeling- clearly you’ll never be bored!

{Northern Lights: Uschi & Kay, Jackson Hole: Mountain Side Bride, New York City: Katie Jane Photography, Argentina: Ciao!, Hawaii: Jetfete }


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  1. I LOVE Jackson Hole in the winter. It is my second favorite ski area in the country (I’ll leave it to you to guess my first :-D). Here are a few tips from my winter trips to Jackson Hole: 1) It’s COLD! The upper Rockies can get quite cold so make sure you bring warm clothing and dress in layers. Layers keep the heat in better and allow you to take layers off if you get too hot. 2 ) Wear sunscreen all the time. While it’s cold in Jackson Hole, it’s also at altitude and the sun is stronger. When it’s sunny, even people who usually tan can burn. In fact, even on cloudy days you can burn. 3) If you’re planning on skiing, know that Jackson Hole is one of the most consistently steep ski areas in the nation. Even the beginner runs are steep compared to beginner runs at other areas. Be sure to warm up on trails a step below your ability. If you ski black diamonds, warm up on blue runs. If you’re comfortable on blue runs, warm up on the greens. 4) Lastly, don’t forget to see all the sights. I especially love Yellowstone. It’s open in the winter. You can cross country ski, take a snowmobile tour, or take an interpretive tour with a National Park Ranger. 5) Oh and downtown has a charming Old West feel where you can shop and get an elegant meal. Have Fun!

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